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As a native of the Piedmont area, it gives me great pleasure to serve as Ms. Black Greensboro 2014. Making A Difference Everywhere (M.A.D.E) is my personal platform. The primary purpose of my platform is to reach out to the less fortunate and provide hair services and education. My grandmother taught me at a young age that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I feel that everyone deserves the opportunity to look good, feel good and receive the proper education so that they can sustain in between scheduled hair care appointments.


      Making A Difference in Everyone...through hair.

M.A.D.E (Making A Difference in Everyone…through hair) is a non-profit that provides hair and skin care services to under privileged families and organization.


  • M.A.D.E Objective is to insure that everyone has a fighting chance in today’s society and not be held in restraints because they cannot get the adequate hair care service due to the financial bearing.


  • Helping enhance each person’s appearance and self-esteem.


  • After all we know, when you feel good inside, it pours outside and your light glows brightly and you unconsciously give other people to shine with you.

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Ms. Black Greensboro 2014

Tiffany Benedict

Master Stylist

Healty Hair/Color Specialist

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